Tech Against Terrorism has published a report detailing findings from the public online consultation process for the Terrorist Content Analytics Platform (TCAP). The publication of this report is an important step in our commitment to ensuring that the platform is developed in a transparent manner whilst respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms, including freedom of speech.

You can download and read the full report here: Download Report

Summary of findings

  • The TCAP was generally welcomed as an important initiative by respondents

  • Researchers and tech companies stressed that the TCAP should feature tools to facilitate analysis of terrorist content – as opposed to an archive only – in line with Tech Against Terrorism’s plan to build the TCAP to drive improved academic research on terrorist use of the internet

  • Researchers emphasised that the range of content hosted on the TCAP should be as broad as possible, and not limited to one specific ideology

  • Civil society responses emphasised that the TCAP should be as transparent as possible and highlighted the importance of the platform remaining independent. Respondents also underlined the importance of respecting tech platforms’ autonomy with regard to moderation policy and enforcement decisions

  • Across all sectors, respondents stressed the importance of safeguarding mental health and welfare of researchers and content moderators

How are we responding to the findings in the consultation process?

Many of the findings of the consultation process have already been incorporated into the development of the TCAP. We are currently exploring ways to safeguard mental health and the implementation of features to support quantitative analysis of terrorist content. Furthermore, in response to the findings throughout this process we announced in July that we would include designated far-right terrorist organisations in the initial scope of the TCAP, having initially intended to limit the scope to Islamic State and al-Qaeda content (with a view to expand following proof of concept).

Going forward

Despite the online consultation being finalised, the overall consultation process remains open. In 2020 and 2021, we have spoken with experts from tech companies, academia, and civil society to seek further input. If you are a tech company, academic researcher, or representative of civil society, we are interested in speaking with you to solicit expertise to help inform the development of the TCAP. You can contact us or attend one of our monthly Office Hours sessions.

We have also opened a beta testing programme for tech platforms to view TCAP data directly in the TCAP interface. Should you be interested in taking part in this, please contact us.