As you can read in our Inclusion Policy the TCAP is grounded in the rule of law by including official material from terrorist entities designated by democratic nation states and supranational institutions. Designation, however, does not inform tech companies on the legality of having such content on their platform, nor whether they are required to moderate it. This is reliant on the online regulation in a particular jurisdiction a tech company operates in. As online regulation is fast-changing and complex, it can sometimes be difficult for tech companies to stay abreast of these requirements.

This is why Tech Against Terrorism decided to publish the Online Regulation Series Handbook, which provides smaller tech companies with an overview of global online regulation and the requirements they need to fulfil when it comes to moderating terrorist content.

Every alert we make will now link to our Inclusion Policy. This way tech companies will be able to view the governments who have designated the terrorist entities who created the content . Tech companies can then use this Handbook to inform insights into whether the content produced by these entities is illegal, and if so, how they need to moderate it based on the jurisdiction they operate in.

Download the Handbook here!

Online Regulation Handbook